Experienced Colorado Attorney, John Husson of Huson Law LLC Creates Revocable Or Living Trusts To Avoid Probate Or The Management Of Your Estate By The Courts

John Husson helps clients in the Denver area establish revocable and special needs trusts for their loved ones. Other types of trusts are available based on the client’s individual situation.

Revocable trust is a very flexible and confidential alternative to the traditional management of a decedent’s assets in probate court. The advantages and disadvantages include:

  • The disclosure of your assets and the administration and distribution are private matters which are not disclosed in the courts.
  • Probate avoidance is often mentioned as the primary reason trusts are used to create an estate plan. The management and distribution of the decedents’ estate in probate court is typically more time consuming and inflexible.
  • The assets in your trust will protect your beneficiaries from creditor claims.
  • A trust will address the special needs of your children such as autism and other developmental disabilities.
  • A trust is generally quicker in managing and distributing the decedent’s assets.
  • The primary disadvantage is the cost of hiring legal counsel to draft your trust documents, especially if the use is for a relatively small estate with no complicating factors.

Special Needs trusts — If someone in your family has a disability or special needs, this type of trust can be used to help meet future financial needs and preserve governmental support.

Trusts are very flexible instruments. At Husson Law LLC, John will help you create a trust that addresses your unique estate planning needs.

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