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What Our Client Says

Please feel free to read our reviews and submit your reviews!

My client experience with John Husson has been phenomenal. He is a very thorough attorney, is always quick to answer my questions, and explains legal verbiage in a manner that clients not versed in law can understand. With John as my reproduction law attorney, I always feel confident knowing that he is in my comer. I believe that women who are entering the world of assisted reproduction should absolutely consult John to handle their legal representation. Legally speaking, he won’t let you down.


Mr. Husson has been my legal counsel on 2 separate surrogacies. On both occasions, he was very thorough and always took the time to explain everything in detail to make sure that all of my questions and concerns had been addressed. His work from beginning to end in finalizing my agreements was outstanding.I am very pleased with the end result and would use his services again and again. Mr.Husson is very professional, easy to talk to, punctual, and will only look out for your best interest.


Mr. Husson was such a pleasure to work with, as he is very professional while still being approachable. I love fu h: showed a genuine interest in what was best for our family and was readily available when any questions arose. We appreciate his sense of urgency in time-sensitive matters and would highly recommend it.


As an entrepreneur entrenched with all things that are industry-oriented, part of my daily, professional life is working with attorneys in the business arena. Having to deal with the unique and complex legal issues involving the reproductive world was completely foreign to me and my partner. From the very first introduction and call with John, I gained a significant level of comfort. John attains all of the knowledge required in this field, but more vital, he delivers a genuine extension of care and support that is invaluable to anyone or any couple during the very challenging times of what this journey involves. As it relates to this field of law, I can’t imagine any other resource that will and can deliver more than what John provided to us


Let me begin by stating that your service to us on a personal and professional level has been exemplary from the moment we met. You have never made us feel like the clock was ticking or like we were a meal ticket when we needed your attention and guidance. your willingness to spend time and attention on our behalf to help us overcome to any obstacles we Gome to you with has proven you to be more than just a great attorney, we consider you also to be our friend.


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