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Estate Planning With Husson Law in Colorado

After your death, your properties and other assets should be protected by a will or trust, so they get distributed the way you wish. Estate planning ensures assets go to your family and other potential beneficiaries and your last wishes and best interests are safeguarded. You can also take care of taxes and other expenses so that they don’t fall on your family’s shoulders and make arrangements for medical care and other directives if you become incapacitated. Husson Law, in Colorado, has years of extensive training and experience guiding clients through the estate planning process, completing documents, and executing management measures with a carefully structured estate plan. We’ve described some essential components of estate planning below.

couple consulting with a financial advisor and reviewing their financial situation and mortgage options

Financial Power of Attorney

Law professionals also call this service General Power of Attorney, and it’s often the most important document your attorney at Husson Law drafts in estate planning. You can save significant legal expenses if an illness, injury, or another form of incapacitation renders you incapable of managing your assets. Husson Law creates these documents to become effective once a client becomes incapacitated, but married couples can get more flexibility with their Financial Power of Attorney. The chosen agent’s authority starts immediately for a married couple and doesn’t depend on a spouse becomes incapacitated. Our law firm will explain all essential information when working with you on your estate planning.

Medical Power of Attorney

A Medical or Healthcare Power of Attorney document lets a grantee make healthcare decisions for a grantor if they become incapacitated. Healthcare facilities often allow a spouse to sign consent documents like surgical forms and might not ask them if they have a Medical Power of Attorney. We strongly recommend our clients include a Medical POA in their estate planning and nominate primary and successor agents depending on their personal situations.

Living Will (Advance Healthcare Directive)

Husson Law often drafts living wills for clients to ensure they have documentation covering their healthcare decisions if they are in terminal conditions. You can decide if medical care includes heroic acts to save your life or they forego life support equipment and treatment options. You also appoint an agent to make end-of-life decisions for you in your Medical POA. We understand that your decisions are personal and carry out the planning process with empathy and care.

Will & Revocable Trust

A will or trust is an essential estate planning tool to ensure your assets get distributed to the beneficiaries you choose after you die. Your assets may include bank accounts, 401(K)s, IRAs, retirement plans, and life insurance policies, for which you must complete beneficiary designations. Our law firm will draft your will or trust to your wishes and make sure your properties and other assets are handled accordingly, along with any final wishes you put in the documents.

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