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Counseling & Representing Colorado Parents & Surrogates

Husson Law values the time and commitment intended parents put into starting their families with help from surrogates. After signing a surrogacy contract and the intended parents’ legal counsel delivers the legal clearance letter to the reproductive clinic, the legal work comes to a close until the surrogate is pregnant. Typically, at 18 weeks pregnant, the intended parents have their attorney draft a petition for parentage, along with many affidavits and court documents the surrogate and intended parents must sign before filing them with the court. The process can be stressful and time consuming for pre and post-birth orders in Colorado, so having our attorney handle the documents and details lets your focus on becoming a parent or carrying a child while.

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An Attorney for Pre and Post Birth Orders

Understanding a petition for parentage is crucial to ensure you know what to expect as an intended parent and what your rights and responsibilities include. Intended parents sign a petition for parentage to ask the state district court to issue a Pre-Birth Parentage Order (PBO). This order determines the intended parents are the surrogate’s child’s legal parents. A PBO also states a surrogate and her partner are not the child’s legal parents and have no parental rights or obligations. After the child is born, a PBO ensures the intended parents are stated as the child’s parents on the birth certificate when Colorado Vital Records issues it. As an assisted reproductive technology law attorney, we can issue your parentage order pre or post-birth.

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Important Information for International Clients

International parents may have important reasons to get a post-birth parentage order because of their home country’s laws. If you opt for international surrogacy as intended parents, we strongly advise you to consult with a family law attorney and immigration law legal counsel in your home country to ensure you follow all laws and guidelines. You should take this step before negotiating and signing a surrogacy contract. Husson Law has extensive experience with international clients and understands there may be additional steps or complications involved in the process depending on the country.

Husson Law Is Dedicated to Helping Families

Husson Law’s attorney, John Husson, will contact your birthing hospital and advise the social worker in Labor and Delivery of your impending surrogate birth two or three weeks before you expect the birth to take place. We provide an email copy of the PBO and work with the hospital to address concerns like health insurance for the baby. If you need a medical power of attorney or any other legal service, we’re ready to serve your needs.

Get an Attorney Committed to Your Legal Goals