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Legal Help in Colorado for Donation Agreements

Husson Law’s attorney John Husson has specialized legal expertise in egg and sperm donor agreements. Our Colorado law firm drafts donation agreements for recipient parents and reviews donation agreements for donors. Donations may include gametes like sperm, ova, and embryos. While most donation agreements are anonymous, meaning none of the parties’ identities are disclosed to each other, trends show more people are selecting open or non-anonymous agreements. The intended parents’ rights and obligations are clearly established in an agreement. A donation agreement also clearly establishes the donors don’t have any parental rights or obligations, including financial support. These are a donation agreement’s primary purposes. Our law firm handles either side of these agreements with attention to detail and compassion for our clients.

Mother holding tiny foot of newborn baby

About Ova Donation Agreements

Ova donations require agreements covering a broad range of factors, including medical and financial matters. In an ova donation agreement, the donor gets accident insurance to protect her if she experiences medical complications from the retrieval procedure or stimulant medications. This agreement also requires intended parents to purchase medical complications insurance to financially protect the donor against possible expensive medical treatment because of complications. You’ll also find information about the intended parents’ financial obligations to the donor, such as a donation fee and reimbursement of expenses like travel, lost wages, and childcare. A notable issue in any donor agreement is embryo disposition after intended parents finish forming their family. In this case, you can choose to donate it for reproductive purposes, medical research, or let the embryos thaw. Another discussion in an agreement is what happens to an ova if one or both recipient parents die before or after IVF.

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Protecting Your Rights as a Parent or Donor

In a well-drafted egg or sperm donation agreement by Husson Law, we protect the donor and recipient parents and establish parental rights and obligations. An egg donor can receive a fee for her pain and suffering, but a sperm donor cannot accept compensation. You should note taxing an ova donor’s compensation has been held by a federal court. Our law firm is available to represent donors and recipients, and both parties require representation by separate independent attorneys with ART law skills and experience. Most clinics list this as a requirement to protect all parties best interests. After the parties finalize and sign the donation agreement, the drafting attorney delivers a legal clearance letter to the assisted reproduction clinic, confirming all parties signed a valid, legally enforceable agreement. The clinic can then proceed with clinical procedures like ova retrieval.

Husson Law Is Here to Help

The final step in a donation agreement is discussing Colorado’s assisted reproduction statute, including how it protects each party’s legal rights and obligations. Husson Law will guide you through the process. Donation agreements don’t require court proceedings to validate them, but surrogacy agreements do.

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