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Colorado Legal Assistance From a Family Perspective

Since 2003, John Husson of Husson Law in Colorado has helped family formation law clients. Our assisted reproductive technology law services are available to domestic and international clients. John is a family-oriented person who cares about helping others, and his experience as an attorney includes serving heterosexual and LGBTQ clients and helping them reach their family goals. The Colorado reproductive technology legal and clinical communities are very familiar with his expertise and experience in HRT law.

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Surrogacy can be a delicate legal matter, and intended parent clients rely on John to draft surrogacy agreements and review contracts when representing and advising them. His experience includes handling traditional or genetic surrogacies and Gestational Surrogacy Agreements when the embryo doesn’t form using the surrogate’s reproductive material. Colorado also has a recently enacted Colorado Surrogacy Agreement Act, requiring surrogates have independent legal counsel to represent them during a surrogacy arrangement. It also requires the surrogate and each intended parent to complete a medical evaluation related to the arrangement. Husson Law can help you navigate this act and all legal aspects of surrogacy.

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Pre and Post Birth Orders

After signing and delivering a surrogacy contract, legal activities halt until the surrogate is pregnant. After that, we may draft a petition for parentage, numerous affidavits, and court document for all parties to sign before filing them with the court. A Pre-Birth Parentage Order (PBO) determines intended parents as the surrogate’s child’s legal parents while stating the surrogate and their partner are not the legal parents. We can draft a parentage order pre- or post-birth, depending on your legal needs and possibly even your international location.

Mother holding tiny foot of newborn baby

Egg and Sperm Donor Agreements

Donation agreements for a recipient parent or parents need a seasoned lawyer like John to draft and review them. These agreements may include sperm, ova, or embryo donations, and most of these agreements are anonymous, meaning the involved parties cannot disclose their identities to each other. However, trends show more open or non-anonymous agreements. Intended parents need these agreements to establish their parental rights and obligations clearly.

Experts in Assisted Reproductive Technology Law

Whatever your assisted reproductive technology law situation involves, Husson Law is available to help you navigate the process while drafting and reviewing the necessary legal documents. We care about helping you start your new family and apply our ample expertise and resources to get you there.

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