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Legal Professionals in Colorado

A Professional, Hands-on Attorney Ready to Serve You

Finding a legal professional in Colorado specializing in assisted reproductive technology law and estate planning is a valuable resource for hopeful parents and those planning for their futures. At Husson Law, we value our clients and their legal needs, which is why our law firm makes every client’s goals and welfare our top priorities. Your case may involve services like court representation and financial power of attorney to achieve the results you need, and we are ready to stand by you and guide you through every step. Our firm’s attorney and staff have ample training and experience assisting clients in their legal and financial matters with exceptional expertise and compassion for their unique situations and case details.

Decades of Legal Expertise at Your Disposal

Husson Law provides outstanding legal assistance to clients through John Husson, Esq.’s thorough military, civilian, and attorney experience. His decades of experience shaped his approach to practicing law, and he constantly strives to improve as a lawyer to complement his desire and passion for helping others. Our law firm is licensed in Colorado and open to clients throughout the state who require a seasoned law veteran with compassion for their well-being and legal needs. Mr. Husson wants to work with you on your case to find the best avenues and services to achieve your goals.

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Husson Law’s Comprehensive Legal Services

When faced with legal matters in estate planning and assisted reproductive technology law, Husson Law’s clients appreciate our empathy and thorough understanding of these areas. Our attorney and staff have spent years counseling and representing clients in a wide array of situations, including cases involving surrogacy, pre- and post-birth orders, and egg and sperm donor agreements.

With estate planning, we create a comprehensive written plan to ensure assets go where you wish when you die. If you become incapacitated or unable to manage your or your family’s assets, we can prepare a carefully structured estate plan to manage your finances. We can accomplish these goals with a financial power of attorney or individual you appoint to manage your finances.

Legal Professionals Serving Colorado Clients

Let our attorney guide you to legal solutions, such as a living well or advance healthcare directive. We are honest, expert legal professionals who have clients in statewide, national, and international locations. Our firm has been based in Denver since 2015, and clients trust attorney John Husson because he takes the time to understand your goals and finances, even while acting as a trust attorney. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are ready to help you.

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