Avoid headaches and hassles over your estate

Dying without a will in place can throw your family and heirs into turmoil. Legal issues can lead to misunderstandings, hurt feelings and expensive court battles. Attorney Husson has extensive estate planning experience in the preparation of wills, trusts, and legal documents that address powers of attorney and guardianship. He works in a timely manner to draft such contracts and for a reasonable fee, typically as a flat or fixed-fee structure.

Assisted reproductive technology families have specific estate planning needs

Family formation via assisted reproduction technology involves specific concerns that require legal documentation. Once the pregnancy is viable, guardianship of your children needs to be addressed and ensured. From a living will and the probate thereof, the sensitive issue of the disposition of excess embryos at death or disability requires legal attention. A will or trust protects your new family if something happens to you. Attorney Husson combines his expertise in assisted reproductive technology law with years of estate planning experience to draft the language and the necessary documentation to protect your family.