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Husson Law Is There for Your Surrogacy Matters

Surrogacy is a popular option for current and potential parents in Colorado, and Husson Law is proud to be a law firm specializing in legal counsel and representation for this family option. John Husson is an experienced and compassionate assisted reproductive technology law attorney, and he is well-known for his work with surrogates and intended parents. His services include drafting surrogacy agreements for intended parents and reviewing contracts for surrogate clients he advises and represents.

A Gestational Surrogacy Agreement means the embryo a surrogate carry does not form using their reproductive material. Instead, the embryo can use gametes from one or both intended parents or gametes from donors, including a sperm donor, ova donor, or both. A genetic or traditional surrogacy involves inseminating a woman’s ova with an intended father’s gametes, so the child forms with her reproductive material.

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Navigating the Colorado Surrogacy Agreement Act

Husson Law is well-versed in the local, national, and international rules and regulations involved in surrogacy. Recently, Colorado enacted the Colorado Surrogacy Agreement Act, requiring surrogates have independent legal counsel represent them throughout a surrogacy arrangement. This act also requires a surrogate and each intended parent to complete a medical evaluation related to their surrogacy arrangement. Surrogate must also complete and mental health evaluation. All parties must satisfy these legal requirements before they can sign a surrogacy contract. John counsels and represents clients on both sides of these arrangements, and he ensures you get thorough legal service, paired with empathy and understanding.

What a Surrogacy Agreement May Include

Surrogacy Agreements are typically complex. These agreements discuss each party’s rights and obligations, such as financial, parental, and others. To put it shortly, a surrogacy contract establishes all rights and obligations in detail. John Husson has extensive ART law experience and protects his clients, whether they are the surrogate or the intended parents. An agreement includes important provisions, such as the following:

  • Fees to Pay the Surrogate
  • Lost Wages to Pay the Surrogate if Pregnancy-Related Reasons Prevent Her From Working
  • Childcare Reimbursement Payable to the Surrogate for Surrogacy-Related Reasons
  • Healthcare Insurance Coverage to Cover the Surrogates Pregnancy-Related Expenses
  • Escrow Funding
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Legal Help for Domestic & Foreign Clients

Husson Law proudly serves clients throughout the state and around the world dealing with surrogacy to create their families. We are based in Denver, CO but have extensive training and expertise in all laws and regulations applying to assisted reproductive technology law. John Husson knows the value of family and strives to ensure his clients navigate the process to create their own.

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