Assisted Reproductive Technology contracts cover a range of issues

Attorney Husson provides well-drafted assisted reproductive technology agreements that address several issues, including financial obligations, parental rights, legal custody, and future contact among the parties regarding the child’s genetic health issues. His agreements also specify terms related to embryo donation, egg donation, compensation, health insurance coverage, intervening complications such as miscarriage and bed rest, inheritance, tax issues, and the escrow management of funds needed to protect the parties. As of 2016, language regarding the Zika virus is included, an important factor to account for in today's assisted reproduction and surrogacy law.

Proper insurance coverage is essential

Attorney Husson carefully reviews your surrogate’s health insurance policy and plan document to determine any applicable language that might exclude coverage of the surrogate mother’s maternity or pregnancy-related expenses. It is essential that the gestational carrier’s (surrogate’s) health insurance policy not exclude her maternity or pregnancy-related expenses. Attorney Husson has extensive experience working with specialized insurance brokers who assist in your purchase of additional and necessary health and life insurance coverage.

Your case is unique

While assisted reproductive technology contracts cover similar broad categories, every client presents their own set of circumstances and considerations — from egg and sperm donation to assisted fertility needs. Attorney Husson’s legal aid and customized approach ensures that your contract addresses the issues relevant to your situation. With his legal representation, you receive a well-written, legally enforceable agreement that will maintain its integrity over time and give you the peace of mind you desire and deserve.