Amicus Project

A volunteer opportunity with AAARTA

Recently, I decided to take on a volunteer project for the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys (AAARTA). I'm proud to be affiliated with AAARTA - you can find my listing here

A special thanks to John Husson who agreed to assist with the Amicus Project (as a pilot to the larger Brief Bank project). By the end of March – we will have at least six of our Academy amicus briefs posted to the Academy websites along with summaries prepared by John. These briefs include various adoption, ART and parentage issues that affect all of us and our clients – so having them as a resource up on the website will be very valuable. We hope to add all future amicus briefs while also continuing to go back and capturing more of the ones done in the past. Again, special thanks to John Husson for his major commitment of time and talent to this endeavor!
— Colleen M. Quinn, President of AAARTA

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